Latitude 48 Winter Training Program September 8th to February 28th

The Winter Training program is for athletes looking to maintain fitness, improve their outrigger stroke technique and learn better boat skills in a fun, supportive environment.  Paddlers can look forward to structured practices led by their coaches and a training plan that is published weekly. This year’s coaches are James Hill and Samuel Lu, who have over 20 years of combined coaching experience.

Fall/Winter Schedule: Thursdays @ 7pm and Saturdays @ 9:30am

Racing: The winter season provides a multitude of racing opportunities both on and off the island, including everything from sprint races to longer distance and double hull (12 person).

Racing Targets:  Bridges Race (5km race on the gorge waterway), Icebreaker (6km 12 person race in Burnaby), Crazy 8s (10-12km race around Protection Island in Nanaimo)…..Plus more!

Join us and get the most out of your winter training!

Cost $260



Latitude 48 Competitive Program September 1st to February 28th

Our competitive outrigger team trains three days per week on the Gorge waterway in Victoria, B.C. The program is designed for paddlers looking to strive towards and discover their outrigger racing potential.

We focus on training and developing athletes in a supportive atmosphere that encourages strong work ethic, good sportsmanship and the value of growing together as a team. Each competitive athlete’s dedication to themselves and their team in pursuit of these goals defines the competitive paddler and makes each race experience all the more rewarding.

Latitude 48 coaches are passionate about the sport and together have led athletes towards local and international success in both crew and individual competitions.

Fall /Winter Schedule:

Tuesday @ 7pm and Sunday @ 8:30am are dedicated OC6 training,

Thursday sessions @ 5:30 for the Senior Masters and 7pm for Open paddlers will be a combination of OC6, OC1, dryland training, video review for technique improvement and workshops on various topics like paddle repair, rigging, race strategy and training.

Paddlers also have access to club OC1s for additional personal training.

Racing: The competitive team will compete in local and regional races through the late fall, spring and summer.  Each year one major goal race is identified by the paddlers as the training goal.  Past goal races have included races in California, Hawaii and New Zealand.

Cost $340

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Not sure which program is right for you?  We’d love to hear from you!  Just send us an email. We’ll answer any questions and  help you figure it out!